We have set an audacious goal: eliminating preventable blindness and bringing new sight-saving treatments to people around the world. With your help, we can reach our goal and preserve the gift of sight for millions.


At the OHSU Casey Eye Institute, we’re working to create a future in which no one has to go blind. We know what it takes: accurate diagnosis, timely care and effective treatment.

To speed progress toward our goal, we are building a new 60,000-square-foot building next to our existing facility. The new facility, called the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic, will serve as a hub for our growing programs and provide space for growth to care for both adults and children.

Accelerating  Research  &  Serving  More  Patients

The Elks Children’s Eye Clinic will house some of our most important centers and programs.

Elks Children’s Eye Clinic

The new clinic will permit us to expand our statewide screening programs, and grow our unique programs in the care of Retinopathy of Prematurity, pediatric glaucoma and retinoblastoma. Our goal is for every child to have access to routine and advanced eye care.

Gene Therapy Center

Casey is a world leader in clinical trials of gene therapy, and several new treatments tested at Casey have been among the first to show benefits to children with inherited eye disease. The new specialized center will allow us to offer experimental gene therapy treatments to more patients and continue to be international leaders in gene therapy.

Macular Degeneration Center

Casey is internationally recognized for developing technology that has revolutionized diagnosis and treatment of macular degeneration. The new clinic will incorporate imaging to bring the latest in clinical trials, vision rehabilitation and innovation to the routine care of the growing number of patients with macular degeneration. 


We know what a new facility can do. The construction of the current Casey Eye Institute facility in 1991 was the catalyst for profound growth in every facet of our mission: serving patients, discovering new treatments and training specialists. The new building will create the same kind of momentum.

A  National  and
Global  Leader

OHSU Casey Eye Institute:

  • Ranked for six consecutive years among the nation’s top five eye centers for federally funded research – only Johns Hopkins University can make the same claim
  • Houses the world’s largest gene therapy clinical trials program – patients from around the world come to Casey to participate in trials only offered here
  • Witnesses fierce competition to enroll in Casey’s acclaimed residency program: 518 candidates vied for one of five available positions in 2017


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