We're ending cancer
as we know it

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute launched the era of precision medicine with the world’s first precision cancer treatment. Our doctors and scientists are pioneers in targeted therapy and early detection. Now, we’re out to finish what we started. You can help.

We won't
rest until
cancer is

Our world-class team of cancer experts is tackling cancer in three ways: through early detection, immunotherapy and precision medicine.

When we find cancer earlier, people live longer. When we use the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells, we can reduce the use of therapies that are toxic to healthy cells. And when we use genomic testing to determine a person’s exact cancer mutation, we can find the most effective treatments. 


But today's methods are far from perfect.

One problem is overdiagnosis. Too many people receive harsh treatments for conditions that aren’t deadly. But even worse, far too many deadly cancers are not caught in time. They go undetected until they’ve grown so much they can’t be stopped.

We need new ways to catch lethal cancers when they're most treatable.

We're building
something different.

Thanks to donors like you, we are bringing together experts from multiple disciplines — engineering, cancer biology, informatics and computer science —  to find new ways to detect cancer earlier. 

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