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Our world-class team of cancer experts is tackling cancer in three ways: through early detection, immunotherapy and precision medicine.

When we find cancer earlier, people live longer. When we use the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells, we can reduce the use of therapies that are toxic to healthy cells. And when we use genomic testing to determine a person’s exact cancer mutation, we can find the most effective treatments. 

Ending cancer as we know it

Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center (CEDAR)

Teams at CEDAR are rewriting the book on cancer screening and diagnosis. The center is recruiting distinguished cancer research teams who will work together to create smarter detection tools that find cancer earlier and calculate its risks more accurately. 


"SMMART" Trials in Precision Oncology

These studies use each patient’s genomic data to determine an initial combined drug therapy treatment, which may be altered or adjusted as warranted by ongoing genetic testing during the trial. They make crucial contributions to precision medicine while giving patients every opportunity for a positive outcome.

Precision Immunotherapies Program 

Powerful therapies that transform a patient’s own immune cells into cancer-killing agents have enormous potential to save lives. Learn about researchers at the Knight Cancer Institute who are at the forefront of this work.


Precision medicine powerhouse

Cancer treatment is undergoing a technological revolution, and the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is at the forefront of precision oncology. In fact, there is no place in the world doing the degree of in-depth analysis of patients and their tumors that is happening here at OHSU. 

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