They Chose OHSU: Jason Campbell, M.D., M.S.

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July 25, 2018
Jason Campbell

Part of our ‘They Chose OHSU’ blog series. They could have gone anywhere, and chose OHSU. These accomplished scientists, promising students and leading clinicians were convinced they could do their best work at OHSU. Here, according to each of them, is why.

Jason Campbell, M.D., M.S., graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and became a resident in OHSU’s Department of Anesthesiology in June. He’s from Washington, D.C., and was an All-American in track and field during his undergraduate years at Emory University in Atlanta. After earning his bachelor's degree, he spent a year working for AmeriCorps, tutoring students from low-income households at a Washington, D.C., high school.

"I feel that in Oregon, there’s a void of African-American physicians and specifically African-American male physicians. There are patients who have waited their entire life to see a physician who looks like them. That was my motivation for matriculating through medical school!

“My time at Ohio State really helped me grow. I was president of the medical school student body and a volunteer coach for the Ohio State track and field team, which was incredible. The ability to help someone else attain their goals is arguably even better than attaining your own.

“My goal is to transform into a fantastic, patient-centered anesthesiology resident, and let that take me into a fellowship and let that make me into an accomplished attending physician.

“I love children, and I like the idea of being able to work with families who are very nervous that their kid has to be anesthetized for a surgical procedure.”

"If someplace was going to pull me thousands of miles away from my hometown, it had to be special. The medical knowledge of the physicians who are going to be training me here is incredibly high."

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