Q&A with Teva Brender, School of Medicine

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December 03, 2020

Teva Brender is a third-year medical student with a passion for making a difference.

We asked Teva about his passion for medicine, the impact of scholarships and how he wants to change health care.

What drove you to pursue medicine?

I love the culture of life-long learning and collaboration in medicine, and that every patient is a unique mystery that I get to help solve. What's more, I am most gratified when I can help and be of service to others.

What has receiving a scholarship meant to you?

Scholarships help alleviate some of the very real financial burden of obtaining a medical degree. My scholarship has allowed me to pursue my research and other extracurricular interests. Scholarships also show students that their efforts and sacrifices are valued by the community.

How do you want to change the future of health care?

I think that physicians have for far too long shied away from using their voice to speak out for policies that will public health. We have responsibilities beyond direct patient care - to advocate for public policies that will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of our patients, the public, and medical professionals. I hope to be a physician-advocate and a leader of a new generation of socially and civically conscious physicians.

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